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Would you like to get paid to go to school? Get paid to learn new career skills? IBEW Apprenticeships offer qualified individuals the opportunity to “Earn-While-They-Learn” by balancing classroom education with hands-on training on the job site.

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Hands-On Learning + On-The-Job Training

Quite simply, an IBEW Apprenticeship means you begin earning and learning right away. Once accepted into the program, your education is a combination of classroom and on-the-job experience. 


Full time job experience + classroom education = Long-Term Career Success.

Job Placement + Graduate Debt Free

Job placement begins at the start of the electrical apprenticeship.  BEW partners with signatory electrical contractors represented by NECA throughout Michigan who hire our apprentices and journeymen exclusively.

Apprentice duration



* varies by trade

Starting Apprenticeship Wage





Post Graduation Wage





Apprentices get paid week one and accrue both wages and benefits. Like a full scholarship, IBEW apprenticeship education is paid for by the labor/management relationship between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the National Electrical Contractors Association.


There may be a nominal fee for books, work clothing, and tuition, which can vary by market.

Apprentices graduate debt-free.

All IBEW local unions offer apprenticeships. Training is provided at Electrical Industry Training Centers located throughout Michigan. The apprenticeship curriculum is developed at national and local levels and is taught by certified, experienced instructors.

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