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Our Union Electricians

Best Trained


Many other shops depend on untrained and unlicensed workers, creating potential safety hazards in your business or home.


All union electricians have extensive training, and are fully licensed and insured. Our electrical professionals have gone through extensive National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee programs covering apprenticeships, journeymen upgrades, and contractor training. And we pay for all training, so there’s no cost to taxpayers.

Most Experienced


Our five-year comprehensive training includes more than 900 hours of classroom study in electrical theory and project safety, along with 8,000 hours of on-the-job training with experienced electricians.


Safety is Built into Every Job


Sadly, lives are lost and businesses ruined from fires created by improper electrical work. Because of our extensive training, safety for our customers is always a primary concern for our electrical professionals.


Every union contractor and electrician follows strict safety guidelines, as established by electrical codes, regulations, and contractor/union agreements. Comprehensive safety manuals and training are standard on every jobsite, guaranteeing both superior quality and worker safety.


Our electricians are your customers and your neighbors.

Out-of-town workers aren’t.

Our local contractors and electricians live and work in your community. We’re your customers as well as your suppliers. Our wages support local businesses like yours, and the local tax base, unlike out-of-town workers who take your money and spend it somewhere else after they leave town.


Our local electricians bring dollars into the local economy.

Out-of-town workers don’t.

Local unions and affiliated contractors help attract conventions and training sessions to the region. We help generate an estimated $11 million into our local economy, and every dollar is worth up to seven dollars as it’s spent locally.

Our local electricians support our schools and community activities.

Out-of-town workers don’t.


As concerned members of this community, our local contractors and electricians are actively involved through donations of time, labor, expertise, materials and funding. We also provide scholarships for area high school students.

For safety’s sake, we recommend that you always ask to see the license of every electrician working on your project.

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