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Jackson USPS is Going Electric

The United States Postal Service announced its intentions to expand its fleet of electric vehicles about one year ago. We are now seeing that play out right in our own backyard.

The IBEW contractors at Aladdin in Jackson were awarded the project of installing electric vehicle fleet charging stations at a USPS location in Jackson. They began with a dirt parking lot and laid over a mile of pipe underneath to connect 50 charging stations. Each charging station is equipped with two plug-ins, allowing 100 vehicles the ability to charge at once.

The electric vehicles themselves will be delivered in about a month. The fleet of vehicles at this location will now be about 50 percent electric. 

The USPS is contracted to purchase 9,250 electric vehicles from Ford. The plan is to install 14,000 charging stations across the country to power the electric fleet. The USPS is using three billion dollars from the Inflation Reduction Act to increase the use of electric vehicles.

At the USPS location in Jackson, having skilled IBEW contractors meant a project that came together quickly and successfully. 


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