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Michigan’s Electric Future

Unifying automakers and electricians for a greener world.

At a recent event on Michigan State University’s campus, lawmakers, educators and automotive industry leaders came together to discuss our state’s electric vehicle future. Between the state’s plans to bring 21,000 automotive industry jobs and President Biden’s infrastructure bill including $110 million for expanding an electric vehicle charging network, we’d say Michigan’s future is very promising!

During the discussion, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist stated, “We’re on the cusp of another revolution. We’re on the cusp of this electrified and autonomous future, for mobility and the state of Michigan.” What an exciting time to be a Michigander, and what an opportunity for our state to be a green energy leader.

Electric vehicles are better for the environment, our health, our children and the economy. If you are interested in having one or more electric vehicle charging stations installed at your home or business, call one of our highly-trained and professional contractors today.

Read here to find out more about Michigan’s electric revolution.


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