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Q&A with IBEW NECA 252 Business Manager Ryan Husse

This month, we are spotlighting IBEW NECA 252’s business manager, Ryan Husse. We asked Ryan to share about his background and inspiration, the inner workings of the team, and what it means for electricians to join IBEW 252.

Q: Tell us about your role here at IBEW NECA 252.

A: I am the business manager of Local 252. We are about an 850 member local. We provide electrical services including commercial, residential, low voltage and everything in between. In the business office, we assist with membership representation, public outreach and overall business development with the community.

Q: How long have you been with the team?

A: I finished my apprenticeship in 2004 and worked in the field until 2014, when I came into the business office as a business agent. My predecessor earned a promotion to the IBEW International, and the Local 252 executive board appointed me to fill his remaining position. I just won my first election for the business manager position in 2020.

Q: What brought you into the electrical industry?

A: I tried the college route but quickly learned that I wanted to work with my hands and learn a trade. I was raised in a union household and knew the importance of belonging to union. I was taking classes at Washtenaw Community College while putting in applications with a few different trades. Luckily, Local 252 offered me an apprenticeship in 1999, which I am very grateful for.

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?

A: In the field, I liked seeing the progress that was made throughout a project — from start to finish, from underground installations to the lights in the ceiling. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment whenever you drive by a finished project you worked on.

In the business office, I enjoy seeing the variety of the issues that comes through the office. There is always something new that comes up that our team handles, and we are ready to react to whatever comes our way.

Q: What does joining IBEW 252 mean to electricians? What are the benefits of joining?

A: There are a number of clear benefits to joining IBEW 252. When joining the IBEW you are not just getting a job you’re getting a career. We provide quality healthcare to our members and their families, and every member has the chance to build a retirement and retire with dignity. Our jointly managed training center provides state of the art training to not only apprentices but to journeymen throughout your career. Training is a huge component to any business’ success, and IBEW and NECA invest significant amounts of funds to ensure we are all up to speed with this evolving industry. We’re also always looking out for each other. When someone is hurting or in need, the IBEW is always there.

During my career with 252, I’ve also come to appreciate and value the sense of community involvement that IBEW and NECA both foster. We not only look out for each other, but also the communities we live, work and play in.

Q: How would you describe IBEW NECA 252 in five words or less?

A: Dedicated. Hardworking. Professional. Eager. Adaptive

A: When you hire our team, you know exactly what you’re getting. You’re hiring licensed electricians and insured contractors who work together to ensure projects are done “on time and on budget” and done safely. We work hand in hand to make sure our customers are satisfied until the last light switch is installed and we’re done with the job.

Q: Who is your biggest influence as a leader?

A: The people who came before me in the various roles of Local 252 inspire me. I’ve always looked up to them because they paved the way for all of us to have the opportunities we have today. We’ve been around for over 100 years, and that doesn’t happen without vision, hard work and dedication to the industry.

Q: What are you most proud of, professionally with IBEW NECA 252 or personally?

A: I’m very proud of the charitable work IBEW NECA 252 does in the community. I am also proud of everything the IBEW stands for, including the exceptional work we do on job sites and within our communities. We provide the highest quality electrical work to our customers at the best value.

Q: How is IBEW NECA 252 unique compared to other chapters?

A: Our team covers a smaller jurisdiction than most others. Washtenaw and Jackson counties are included in their entirety. We also have portions of Livingston and Ingham. Despite working in this smaller jurisdiction, we do a tremendous amount of work in our community. In fact, we’re the second largest electrical construction local in the state in terms of man hours and membership.

For more information about IBEW NECA 252 and the high-quality services our team provides, follow us on Facebook. Contact us today for your electrical needs.


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